I just do not have that kind of creativity it would entail to look at a traditional sock monkey and think, Hmm, I bet I could improve on that. But that’s what CMP fave Clarity Miller did when she turned one into a Socktopus. It’s virtually the same, only with 8 more arms for your kid to hit her sister with.

If you are the crafty type however, the new Socktopus kits come with the sock, stuffing, needle and thread, buttons for eyes, and all the super clear directions you need to make your own. It’s a fantastic under-$20 gift for a tween or bigger kid, or if you’ve got a little one, set aside some time one day and do it together. There are kits available for sock dogs or regular sock monkeys too.

Of course if making one seems totally out of the question, you could just order one ready made. Or maybe do both. I understand Socktopi are very social creatures. –Liz

Find sock monkey kits from Clarity Miller and more at Friends of Socktopus

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