Poppy's Pants kids' book featuring Wooberry DollsWe love Melissa Conroy’s Wooberry dolls. The originals are not only designed from her child’s sketches, they’re also handmade. And beyond adorable.

In a move that touches my writerly heart, the dolls have gone meta and returned to their paper-based roots in pOppy’s pants, Conroy’s first (and hopefully not only) book.

Featuring pOppy and pEnelope, two of Conroy’s signature dolls, this picture book combines photography and drawings and had my daughter and me wondering just how much sewing did Melissa have to do to get this book created? I especially love the postcript by the author’s father, Pat, which might have made me cry. Just a little bit. After my daughter fell asleep and I lay there reading it while watching my girl breathe.

You can send Melissa one of your child’s sketches to be transformed into a doll too. Just make sure it’s a doll who likes to read. -Rita

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