After researching my proposal for my own parenting book (Ahem, Sleep Is for the Weak, shameless plug, shameless plug) I thought I’d read every baby handbook on earth. And, I admit it, I became really jaded and snooty about them. Let’s just say there’s a lot of rehashing going on in the baby humor world and it’s hard to find a fresh perspective.

The Perfect Baby Handbook: A Guide for Excessively Motivated Parents is totally different. Talented ex-Radar writer and Details creative director Dale Hrabi has produced a half graphic novel, half biting satire that had me at “competitive breastfeeding.” But you won’t want to stop there. Find sections on baby makeovers to camouflage newborn appearance flaws (um, like this?), a service piece on helping baby develop a signature stride, and and a list of baby names inspired by Ralph Lauren paint colors or the IKEA catalog. At least you could be assured that little Ektorp would be the only one in his class. Or is that, her class?

Do the world a favor: Grab this book for every pregnant friend on your list and save her offspring from a potential life of mediocrity. – Rita

Get The Perfect Baby Handbook from our affiliate Amazon. And don’t miss Dale’s brilliant Perfect Baby Handbook blog which is worth a bookmark for sure.