SuperJew t-shirt from Funny People
Personally I believe that Seth Rogan is the Woody Allen of our generation. So when he sported this Superjew Tee in the movie Funny People my immediate thought was Love it! Not, Hm, why don’t they make those for kids?

But, sometimes Hollywood knows what we want before we do. Case in point, the 100% cotton Superjew Tee which is now at the top of my must-have list in time for the High Holidays. Especially because a percentage of the proceeds goes towards charitable organizations. Oh, and be sure to order up a size as the shirts tend to run small.

Sure they make a great Hannukah gift, but since they come in sizes from Youth 2 to Adult XXL I’m thinking it they would make awesome Halloween costumes for my whole family. We’ll be like the Jewish Incredibles.-Betsy

Find the Superjew tee, and others actually designed by kids, at verimeri.

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