Blabla baby dollsWhile most toy companies start basic and work outward from there, I think it’s really interesting that CMP fave (and pretty much every kids boutique’s fave), Blabla Kids, has evolved from their quirky and sometimes irreverent line of fair trade hand-knit dolls to classic baby dolls.

These dolls still retain Blabla dolls’ distinctive signature traits like super soft bodies, yarn hair, and sweet stitched on smiles. And I especially love the diversity of dolls including a couple of boy dolls and two dolls with brown skin. blabla kids baby dollBut what’s really fun is that the company is now making 100% cotton doll clothes too, from their same fair wage Peruvian artists, including a really cute (and more affordable) set of winter accessories.

Although if you think about it, per piece they’re less than half the price of any clothes to dress the baby dolls from that shop that rhymes with Shmamerican Shmirl. And your kids get to name the dolls all by themselves, make up their own backstory, and decide just where they come from. Those are my kind of dolls. –Liz

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The full line of classic baby dolls and doll clothes can be found at Blabla Kids, or tons of our favorite online retailers.