Birth Day book by Dr. Mark SloanWhen I was pregnant for the first time, I developed an unhealthy affinity for those birth documentaries that had previously repelled me.  Something about growing a baby myself made me want to click over and immerse myself in the gory details.

A new book from pediatrician Mark Sloan, Birth Day, would have been a far better alternative. Dr. Sloan is a fantastic storyteller, weaving historical information, medical studies, and his own professional experience into a truly fascinating look at childbirth over the centuries. I really like how the level of technical detail and writing style are accessible to just about anyone.

While Birth Day would probably be most appealing to women who are currently pregnant (or chic science geeks like me), it also has a whole section on daddies, which makes it a cool dad-to-be gift too. Along with a bottle of tequila. -Julie

Find the Birth Day book on Dr. Sloan’s website or via our affiliate Amazon.

Congratulations to Michelle M., Frances B., Lisa C., Sara S., and Kellie E., lucky winners of a copy of Birth Day!