One of my kids thinks that Mickey Mouse is a horror figure, so I’ve learned to keep our Halloween “unscawy.” Instead of settling for whatever I can find in the big box stores, I get to look so put together by downloading CMP fave Paper&Cake’s   downloadable Trick or Treat Halloween Party decor which gives my gathering a pulled-together look without costing more than my Halloween candy budget. [Edited to add: The specific Halloween party decor reviewed here is no longer available; however, Paper & Cake has plenty of new printable Halloween decor in their shop!]


Paper & Cake's Trick or Treat Halloween

I used to be afraid that downloading and printing party decor would be a huge hassle, but after purchasing their downloadable pirate birthday party decor set last month, I can say with confidence that anyone who is old enough to use scissors well could handle this.

It all fits on standard-size 8 1/2×11″ paper (use card stock for best results); all you need is some scissors, double-sided tape and about an hour of time.  You’ll have everything from the clever little favor bags, friendly finger puppets and the cutest mini candy bar wrappers, as well as stuff to decorate your table and snacks.

Abigail and Kira have a knack for creating party decor that really pops, and I’m particularly fond of their Halloween palette which combines shades of green, purple and even hot pink for a modern twist. And, if you have older kids, or if you’re lucky enough to be able to throw a grown-up bash, check out their  Gothic Halloween Party decor  decor which is anything but “cute”.

 All for less than $15. Why, I don’t think that’s scary at all. –Christina 

Wonderful downloadable Trick or Treat Halloween Party decorations can be downloaded from the  Paper & Cake Etsy store.