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So I just got home from Barcelona. Yes, that Barcelona – the one with the chorizo and the Gaudi buildings and the people saying grathiath. Believe it or not, I won a trip there from a Tweet Your Trip contest sponsored by the travel site, Voyage.TV. Which is was so cool and unexpected considering I spend all my time giving away prizes at Cool Mom Picks, not entering to win them.

As it turns out, you too are welcome to tweet your dream trip (and win!) too, so I figured it would only be fair if I tell you all about it. Then we can compare notes and do the happy dance together.

Actually, there isn’t much to it. If you’re on Twitter, you just tweet your dream trip to @VoyageTV and each Friday through the end of the month, they pick a favorite. That’s it. So be creative. I think one winner wrote a limerick about Easter Island.

Of course it shouldn’t be hard to concoct a compelling story in 140 characters, since I know tons of you are dying for a great babymoon, your first adults-only trip in years, or a chance for the kids to meet the European grandparents for the first time.

And by the way, the Voyage.TV site is pretty cool in itself — it’s a trip-planning site backed by a humongo travel agency, and the site basically has fantastic HD videos of all the hotels and destinations. So you not only get a better sense of where you want to go in the first place, but, the footage is all current, like a guarantee you won’t arrive at some rundown hotel  with rooms the size of shower stalls, and realize that those brochure photos were shot with a fish-eye lens 16 years ago.

The site is a little Carribean/Mexico/Central American- heavy right now plus a
few European cities, but it seems like it’s expanding pretty quickly.

So get a move on, mamas. Think about your dream trip and go make it happen. This is a perfect opp for me to use some “dreams do come true!” line but I’ll spare you. Even though, really, they do sometimes. And I say that as someone who, only 72 hours ago, was drinking Sangria in Spain. –Liz

Check out Voyage.TV and follow them on twitter for a chance to enter the Tweet Your Trip contest through October 29.

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