Small Wish Reversible Baby SlingI’d all but retired my baby slings with my youngest just turning one, but then I remembered how fantastic and handy slings are for toddlers (hello, hip carry!) thanks to Small Wish.

It’s hard to go wrong considering the lovely fabric choices of their beautiful baby slings like my fave, the completely authentic African fabric sling (pictured), the careful construction, and the $39 price tag.

Owner and mom Tracy Capobianco originally created these slings as a means to bond with her daughter, and is now setting aside a percentage of the profits to help with their upcoming Ethiopia adoption. Which means these slings are bringing babies closer to their moms in more ways than one. -Kristen

Visit Small Wish for a wide selection of reversible baby slings and organic baby slings.

Congratulations to Angela P., lucky winner of the Small Wish baby sling!