beaded bracelet from Bijoux in a BoxThis year we’re teaching the kids more about the joy of giving, so I wanted them to think of something they could make for their (mostly girl) cousins. Then along came the jewelry making kits from Bijoux in a Box and bam, problem solved.

Designed by mom Nancy Whitman, the kits are sorted by age, skill level and project so you find get just what you’re looking for. And the beads themselves are nicer than you might expect from the website, from exotic wooden beads to metallics to the jewel-inspired acrylics that little girls (and the Real Housewives of NJ) will gravitate towards. Instructions couldn’t be easier, and all you need is a pliers to twist the ends – although an actual jeweler pliers is helpful.

The jewelry making kits even make great gifts in their own right,
or a fun holiday activity when it’s too cold to shoo the kids outside.
And if you’re looking for something less predicable, check out the pirate jewelry making kit or the bookmark making kit.

The price is right too; the level one bracelet making kits are $28 for a whole lot of beads and enough wire to make four little girls very happy this holiday. Not including the crafters themselves. –Liz

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