Boys' dolls by Project Grabbag
Mixed in with all the stuffed animals and toy trucks, my son also had a doll that he loved to play with. His name was Alex. After all, it’s just as important for boys to learn to be loving and nurturing.

While it was cool that I was able to find a decent boy doll back then, I have to say that the Custom Paxton boy dolls, by warm sugar are way cooler. Every single doll is made to order so you can customize your kid’s new “buddy.” Choose skin tone, hair and eye colors, and even what color clothes you’d like him to have and in a few weeks a totally handmade original doll will arrive at your door ready for play.

The Paxton dolls are made entirely from vintage materials and repurposed fabrics, and the removable hats, scarves and shoes mean the dolls are good for more than just imagination – they can help your little boy build those dress-yourself skills. Hopefully you don’t lose doll clothes as fast as we seem to around our place.

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At $65 no, these custom dolls are not cheap, but frankly if that’s what it costs to have a doll that my son thinks is as cool as his trucks, I kind of think it’s worth it.–Betsy

Design the perfect custom Paxton Baby Doll  for your child through our partner Craftsbury Kids. where you save 10% through this link, and get Free Shipping on your orders with code coolmom through 12/31

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