make your own holiday ornamentsIf you’re looking to knock off a half-dozen of teacher gifts or cousin gifts or classmate gifts in one fell swoop, I love the idea of the holiday ornament kit from CMP fave, Thomas Claire.

This wonderful mom-run company will hook you up with a dozen unfinished ceramic ornaments, the paints, brushes and everything else your kids need to make their own sunglass-wearing snowmen and purple Christmas trees. Then you send your custom-painted ornaments back, and the company will glaze and fire them for you and return them finished.

It even comes with six cute little plastic gift bags so the presentation does justice to the hard work your kids put into them. All things told, it ends up costing you about $12 an ornament and the result is actual finished pottery. Just order soon so you’ve got time to get the process going.

While you’re there, poke around the site for a ton of other great DIY holiday gift ideas, from handpainted mugs and teacups to the awesome robot party kit. If that doesn’t keep a roomful of underage holiday guests occupied while you bogart the eggnog, I don’t know what will. –Liz

Find make your own ornament kits and other holiday gift ideas at Thomas Claire.

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