I love how my little artists fearlessly choose their colors to create a purple tree under a green cloud, or how a bunch of stick figures can end up looking just like our family; they blow me away every time.

RedStamp has one of my favorite ideas for how to pass on these little works of art to those people who will appreciate them as much as I do–their Custom Kid-Designed Stationery turns kid-art into one-of-a-kind flat cards that can become gifts for grandparents, parents, or even for my kids themselves, who could use them for thank-you cards after the holidays.

What’s different about this service is that RedStamp doesn’t just print the artwork as-is on a card; their designers actually borrow elements from the original and place it in a way that makes the best designed card. So it showcases your child’s talent, but still leaves room for personal messages.

And, I love that they’ll even take your child’s signature and put it on the back of the card, because all authentic works of art are signed, right?

Create your own Custom Kid-Designed Stationery at RedStamp.com.

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