Mominatrix's Guide to SexMost of you don’t know, but my partner at Cool Mom Picks, Kristen Chase (a.k.a. the hardest working mom in blogdom), has all sorts of alter egos. When she’s not finding fabulosity for you here, wrangling three kids, and writing articles all over the place, she’s the author of the popular and hilarious Mominatrix column for The Imperfect Parent. And now, she’s the author of the brand spankin’ new Mominatrix’s Guide to Sex: A No-Surrender Advice Book for Naughty Moms. Pun intended.

This is a truly terrific advice book for every mom and mom-to-be, and I’m only biased to the degree that I’m proud to know the author. Even if I know her now um, a little more than I did before.

Mominatrix’s Guide to Sex isn’t quite the premarital counseling you might have gotten in church, but it’s not exactly something you need to read under the covers with a flashlight either. It’s more like eleven helpful chapters of common-sense sex advice from your hilarious, occasionally off-color friend who also happens to know who makes the sexiest nursing bras and can get you a professional discount from Toys in Babeland.

Mominatrix Guide to SexThe book starts out with good smart facts about staying hot when pregnant (more about how you feel than what you weigh), moves into how and when to approach sex again after giving birth, and doles out a whole lot of advice on bringing sexy back–and keeping it back–in the way you most feel comfortable. (No, no Saran Wrap.)

What’s great is that Kristen is never patronizing or judgmental. In fact, she’s terrifically funny, which should come to no surprise to
anyone who knows her writing. She recommends kegel exercises with the reassurance that wearing Depends is the antithesis of sexy; and includes fun little graphs and charts throughout the book; I laughed out loud at the one that suggests the white lies you can tell your child, based on the position you’re in when he walks in on you.

While the book is decidedly inclusive – there’s even a whole chapter on single moms – this is definitely not a book for people who prefer euphemisms for their body parts and the things we do with them. I admit I blushed more than a few times at Kristen’s candor. But eh, so what. If it gets me feeling as great about myself and my relationship as the Mominatrix clearly feels about hers, then whoo-hoo for all of us. –Liz

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