Cadmium in children's jewelryJust a few days ago, we told you about an Associated Press investigation of children’s jewelry and metal toys manufactured in China that revealed high levels of the toxic metal cadmium in several mass produced kids’ products.

In response, both Claire’s and Walmart have removed certain children’s jewelry from their shelves. Phew! And now the Consumer Product Safety Commission is now recommending that parents take all cheap metal jewelry of Chinese origin away from children, regardless of the brand or where you purchased it.

That’s right. ALL of it.

We’ll keep you updated on this situation as we learn more. But for now, it looks like tossing what you have is your safest bet. – Jaelithe

If you’re searching for some safer jewelry options for kids, check our archives, where we’ve featured some surprisingly affordable jewelry and accessories made of safer materials like sterling silver, wood or cloth.

Added 5.19.10 – Wal-Mart is pulling all Miley Cyrus jewelry after finding it has high levels of cadmium. Check those jewelry boxes, moms.