Lego iphone appI am still in the lowly iPhone-less margins of society, although I’m fortunate to have plenty of friends who show me all the coolest new apps I’m missing. Take the free LEGO Photo app, for instance: It will take a regular .jpg photo and turn it into a mosaic of Lego bricks. Hold it up, show it to everyone around you, rinse, repeat.

My brother-in-law even figured out how to print out LEGO-fied pictures of my three kids. Up close, they don’t look like much, but back up a bit and the photo comes into view and looks pretty cool. No, it isn’t a true work of art and some photos seem to work better than others, but it’s still a fun little app.

Of course the best thing about this LEGO offering may be that I don’t have to get on my hands and knees to look for the tiny little pieces when we’re done playing with it. -Christina

The Lego Photo app for the iphone is available at iTunes.