Olive and Myrtle Recycled Cotton Tote Bag: Fruits & VeggiesWith the reusable tote bag phenomenon in full swing, there are a lot of options out there, from the $.99 bags at the grocery store — that fall apart after a few weeks’ use by the way — to reusable bags that are organic, well made, and um, a whole lot better looking. Which brings us to Olive & Myrtle’s Recycled Cotton Tote Bags.

If you are going to rock a reusable tote for eco- and human-friendliness, these are
the ones. They are made with organic cotton, printed with water-based ink, and are Fair Wage and Fair Labor certified.  Plus, the tote bag is huge; as opposed to the book tote, which is a little bit smaller, but perfect for the smaller jobs. I believe I fit something like two gallons of milk, butter, yogurt, and 10 cans of beans in that tote with a little room left over. Or, on another day, 14 library books of various sizes.

This bag will last a long time, and with designs as cute as the fruits and veggies (shown), watering bee, or shades of green, I think I’ll enjoy looking at them for just as long. Long live the reusable tote trend! -Carrie

Find organic cotton reusable shopping bags (now on sale!) and more fabulous sustainable design at Olive & Myrtle.