I need to find a retirement gift for my daughter’s first grade teacher. I saw your teacher gift suggestions post and thought they were great, and wondered if you had any ideas for a retirement gift.  -Amy

Paloma's Nest Tiny Bowl

For a retiring teacher who you love, I think a more sentimental gift is in order, like the short-but-sweet Seize the Day words or even a simple Thank You etched into a Tiny Bowl from Paloma’s Nest (shown above); while we know most teachers are averse to tchotchkes, this bowl is so lovely, and a perfect motto for your teacher’s days ahead.

Rogue Confections

I love giving delicious chocolates for any occasion though Rogue Confections’s design-your-own chocolates elevates this go-to gift into something really meaningful, especially if your child draws pictures specifically for her teacher.

Gift Lit

Your money always goes further if you can get the whole glass to go in on a group gift. Chip in for something like a year-long subscription to Gift Lit which is an especially great gift now that her teacher will actually have time to read for fun.

Chalkboard Pendant

Give a female instructor a little reminder of those days in front of the chalkboard with a Chalkboard Pendant by Palomina. Have your daughter draw a heart on the front and make her teacher’s day.

donors choose gift card | cool mom picks

If your daughter’s teacher is a real do-gooder, consider making a donation in his/ or her name to DonorsChoose. They can then chose among hundreds of public school projects that need funding and apply their donation to it. What a nice way to give a teacher a chance to have a positive impact on a classroom one more time.

Finally, check out our past gift guides for even more wonderful ideas; go to archives and scroll down until you see the gift guides buttons. -Christina

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