Father's Day gift idea: men's custom dog tagNot every guy is a jewelry guy but I am in admiration of those funky types who are. Meaning, those men who can pull off the hipster dog tag or chunky ID bracelet thing; not those with the Wookie chest hair and the gold Mr. T chains.

For those dads in the former category, I just love this men’s custom dog tag from Penelope Poet, right in time for Father’s Day. No curlie-cue fonts here, just a sleek courier typewriter face, so he can display the children’s initials, birth dates, birthplace coordinates, or even a special nickname they call daddy. You’ve got two sides to play with, so have at it.

You can also get it in 14k or white gold. But me? I like the silver. I’d imagine the kids will just be happy he’s wearing their names at all. –Liz

Customize your own men’s custom dog
from Penelope Poet. Order now for Father’s Day; shipping takes up to 7 days.