Film director coastersI’m in love with a set of drink coasters if such a thing is even possible. But when I spotted these handmade film director coasters on Etsy this morning, my heart started racing, my palms got all sweaty, and I think, my friends, that that sounds like love.

The fabulous original portraits from the uber talented Retro Whale shop range from Tim Burton and Sophia Coppola, to classics like Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese. All things being equal, I don’t know that I want Roman Polanski in my set but the good news is you can mix and match and pick whomever you’d like. So you can have an entire set of just Wes Anderson, if that’s your thing. Your call. Though unless you want to be a troublemaker, I might keep Sophia away from Spike Jonze.

(I think that maybe the best part of all is that you can get Katherine Bigelow, but not James Cameron.)

big lebowski coaster setBecause love can be fickle, I’m also crushing hard on the Big Lebowski coaster set (at right) and the rock band coasters. But I’ll try not to cheat on my true love, the directors.

Get a set for Father’s Day, or just for your cool self. I’m going to get a bunch and mount them on my wall and remember those days that I actually got to go to the movies. –Liz

Find the handmade
director coasters
at Retro Whale right in time for Father’s Day!
  They’re also available as wall prints or printed on wood blocks as artwork.