Awkward Family Photos
Having lived through the hippie styles of the 70’s, the new-wave neon of the 80’s, and the regrettable grunge fashions of the 90’s, I have enough embarrassing family family photos to fill a book. A very cringe-worthy, hilarious book. Which is just the idea behind the Awkward Family Photos website that has had us laughing since it launched last year. And now the Awkward Family Photos book gathers their favorite snaps as well as some new ones into one neat paperback that has me doing that snort-laugh thing.

Awkward Family Photos is page-turning hilarity: From the strange poses (just check out that cover photo), the fashions (plaid explosion!), and the simply bizarre (you’ve gotta see it to believe it). I laughed so hard in the book store, I got glances from two aisles over. Thankfully, at home, I can wipe my tears of laughter in private, though watching my mother’s reaction to the copy I bought for her was almost as funny as the photos themselves. 

Still need a great Father’s Day gift that will have him laughing all morning? This is it. In fact, tuck one of your most awkward family photos in for an extra giggle.

The hilarious commentary from Mike Bender and Doug Chernack keeps the tone light and not mean spirited. In fact, what makes this book so funny isn’t just laughing at other people’s earnest attempts to get a great photo, but seeing pictures that hit so close to home that you can see your own family in that same pose. -Christina 

Grab a copy of Awkward Family Photos from our affiliate Amazon, or you can find it all major bookstores in time for Father’s Day.

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