Being Dad movie for Dads to BeWhen we discovered the movie Being Dad last August, Mir gave it an enthusiastic thumbs-up. She loved this look at 40 normal, often funny new dads (no “touchy-feely over-earnestness”) and a few experts confessing the real scoop on newborns in a way that will appeal to even the dads who will pick up your copy of What to Expect when hell freezes over.

This weekend, in honor of Father’s Day, you can watch the next version of the movie totally free.

Just click over to this link at indie movies online and voila – the sequel, Being Dad UK is all yours to watch, hold the $19.95 DVD purchase price. I haven’t watched it all yet, but it seems equally charming and helpful, only with British accents and slightly worse dental work.


It’s a great way to celebrate an anxious dad-to-be this Sunday, who deserves some acknowledgment for surviving your hormonal spells over the last few months, but doesn’t actually have that “father” title just yet. Or simply send the link to a favorite new dad in your life and remind him that whatever it is he’s feeling–joy, anxiety, delight, panic–he’s far from alone –Liz

Watch Being Dad UK streaming free through June 30, and click over to the Being Dad Website for info on all three movies in the series, special offers, and lots of great info.