3 Little Pigs Organic kid's t-shirt
I have a soft spot for nursery rhymes and classic kids’ stories, both of which seem to be slowly dying in our age of technology and television. But the folks at Sprout San Francisco have revived one of my favorite tales with a cool new set of kid’s t-shirts.

Their adorable 3 Little Pigs construction t-shirt (pictured) offers a smart, modern twist on an old classic – with these pigs specializing in “sticks, straws, and bricks.” Cute, right? And the Big Bad Wolf Demolition shirt is just as clever.

Both of the shirts are printed on soft, organic cotton right here in the USA. And let’s just say with a boy obsessed with trucks, these are a welcome alternative to the gaggle of construction vehicle shirts we tend to see. -Kristen

Check out the 3 Little Pigs shirt and other natural and organic kid’s clothes at Sprout San Francisco.


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