lego man crayons
When I saw these LEGO Man crayons. I fell in love. I’m not sure what to do with them exactly, but that’s never stopped me from loving an item (or some men) before. I’m thinking party favors, a new big brother/sister gift for a toddler, stocking stuffers for a family of five. They do come five to a pack after all.

Shipping is a flat rate $4.95 at Palmer Cash so make sure you buy enough to make it worth your while. You could always throw in a few of the super cool Star Wars crayons or  Batman crayons too. Hm, I wonder who’d win in a crayon fight? I’m guessing LEGO Man, but only because Batman is just a head.  –Liz

Find the LEGO Man crayons and other fun little gifts at Palmer Cash

[via house of jelly – a fabulous new style blog. check it out!]

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