Cool boys' t-shirts
The concept of cool boys clothes shifts as kids get older. At first cool is defined by his mom, but mark my words, at some point — for me it was around 7 — your son will start to have very definite ideas on what constitutes cool and what is horrifyingly babyish.

Grubbie Style,
started by a style-conscious mom, pairs wickedly cool graphics with
super soft t-shirts. And the best part is that your kid can mix and
match designs with shirts to create a one-of-a-kind, certifiably, ultra
cool tee. Customization is a snap, and graphics are very basic and bold, ranging from robots and
boomboxes to sumo wrestlers. My son’s choice: a vintage turntable on a hand-bleached orange tee.

We got a chance to try it out (thanks Grubbie!) and when it came it was honestly even hipper than it looked on the
website. My son immediately stripped out of what he was wearing and put
it on.

The good news is that the designs are made to be super
durable (they had better be at $38 a pop). I strongly
recommend getting a size up as they do run a little small and can
shrink in the wash. Besides, with a t-shirt this cool
you’re going to want to get more than one season out of it. -Betsy

Order your cool baby or kid’s custom tees at and save 20% off your purchase with discount code coolmompicks. And psst, girls will like them too.


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