I am not going to mince words here, so let me just say it: I hate that this site is named “Gaggle of Chicks.” Truly. I am not a chick, I am not part of a gaggle, and since when are great deals only for moms? C’mon. So, yes, if you need to take a minute to get past the name, please take it (with my blessing) and then read on.

But what Gaggle of Chicks gets wrong on the name, they get absolutely right on the concept. 

This is a site for NYC moms to hop on the group-discount buying
bandwagon and scoop up deals on kid classes, health and beauty products,
eateries–you name it. What’s more, you can sign up to have the daily
deals delivered to your inbox, and participate in their community to
discuss deals (or whatever else) with your fellow metro moms.

Alternatively, you can also check out the slightly-less-horribly-named doodledeals, another group buying site for parent-focused deals, being offered in partnership with Diapers.com.
Right now it’s also only available to NYC-area folks, but they look like
they have plans to expand to other cities in the future.

Which means
soon even those of us not hip enough to live in the Big Apple will get
to poke a little fun at the names, even while we save. -Mir

Check out Gaggle of Chicks and and doodledeals to start saving on mom- and kid-friendly NYC products and services.

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