BabyBot baby registry siteI still remember what a pain in the neck it was for my now-husband and I to register when we got married. First of all, it was in the days before those handy little scanner things. Second, I wanted an iron and he didn’t and there was a big debate –we didn’t have fights back then– about it. Third, well, I don’t remember a specific third. I just remember it wasn’t much fun.

So when it came time to have kids, we stayed as far from registries as we possibly could. But that was before I discovered Babybot.

Babybot is an awesome new Canadian site for hip, modern parents – you know, like you and me? They’ve got Ready-Made Registries
that are just brilliant. There are currently six to choose from–themes
like like The Minimalist Baby and Baby 1.0 – The First Year–and each
registry features an extensive list of category-appropriate products.

You can take the list as-is, or add and delete items to your
heart’s content to make it your own. And then, without any pain or
tears, you’ll have your baby (or big kid) registry ready to go complete with modern, fabulous, not-so-cheap brands from Aden + Anais and Bugaboo to Zoli and Zid Zid Kids.

know. You probably don’t believe me. How can it be that easy? But it
is. And I’m totally going to have to do this when my next baby comes
along, aren’t you? It’s just too darned simple not to.

Oh, and just so I don’t leave you hanging, we got the iron. And
then didn’t use it for ten years. Not really sure who won that argument.

Visit Babybot online for their Ready-Made Registries. Shipping is free to most of Canada; there’s a surcharge to the US.