Whenever I go shopping for baby toys, I am dismayed at how many toy developers design their blocks in sherbet-y pastels  even though babies prefer the colors high contrast and vivid for the first few months. (I am also wondering who decided babies love jungle themes)

And then I saw these!

maternalNEST’s Modern Heirloom Soft Blocks
are all about visual stimulation, with a bright, modern, contrasty
prints and sharp black text. They also make noises – each handmade polyfill block
contains either a jingly bell or some fabulous crinkly cellophane (a
house favorite, for both kids and puppies) to further engage budding
senses, and reward the kiddo for mastering that tricky pincer grip/shake

Designed by artist turned stay-at-home mom, Carrie Hall, every item in the shop is something she designed for her own children or friends’ children first. You can feel the love.

This particular set of five soft, 4″ blocks includes appliqued text
with numbers and words like FUN, GROW, COOL, and LOVE, all complete in its own nifty, coordinated storage sack. Time to cross one more baby gift off your shopping list.  – Barbara

Find the handmade soft baby blocks online at maternalNEST on Etsy.