lunch notes from bluefish studiosI don’t know about you, but I’m only a few months into school lunch-making and I’m running out with ideas to keep it interesting. Mostly for me. I try to create little surprises in my daughter’s lunchbox every day, from slicing her sandwich in different shapes, to tucking in a little sticky note with a silly drawing.

A couple of companies are doing some cool stuff with lunchbox notes, for those mornings you (or really, I) just don’t the creativity in me. Or, you just want to do something a little more special on extra-special spelling test/school photo/soccer game kind of days.

Bluefish Studios designs adorably colorful Kids Wee Tidings, mini-notes with simple sayings like I’m So Proud of You or You’re My Superstar.
(Save the one that says I can’t wait until you get home again for your
husband.) They come in a pretty glass jar, that you could reuse in a
million ways.

For bigger kids, i.e. those who can understand positive affirmations
with phrases like “positive affirmations,”  a company called Say Please
makes Lunchbox Love notes packaged in cute little compacts. What’s particularly cool however, is that they make personalized lunchbox notes which
you can customize with trivia questions about your favorite kid (or
their favorite things), plus a personalized illustration on the cover.

Perfect for embarrassing the next Bar Mitzvah boy or adult birthday reveler in your life. Did you know Matthew slept with a teddy bear until he was 12? Oh, we can see the possibilities. –Liz

Find lunchbox notes from Bluefish Studios on Etsy, and at Say Please.