Wooden dollhouse
I have this fantasy every Christmas of convincing my extended family to go together on one big gift for my children. You know, instead of everyone doing their own thing and my kids ending up with a playroom full of blinky-light, noise-making, play-with-once-then-ignore toys.

(And trust me, I know that karma will kick me in the butt when I’m a grandmother and wanting to choose my own gifts for my precious littles. Oh, I know.)

But do you want to know what I’m working on for this year? Only the most glorious wooden dollhouse in the entire world.

It’s this one, Seri’s Dollhouse, made by Elves and Angels in Maine.

Just look at it: Three floors with stairs connecting each of
them –according to my children, it’s very important to have the stairs,
you see. Plain, simple and beautiful. Three characteristics I tend to
seek out in toys for my children. I figure, why not up the imagination
quotient a little, instead of having it all done for them?

The house is made from solid pine and finished with linseed oil.
It ships flat and then you assemble it yourself. Doesn’t look very
tough, though, so if this were, say, a Christmas Eve project, I’m
thinking there would still be plenty of time for eggnog after it’s done.

Now if you want to go all out, there’s a furnished dollhouse available, too (shown above). Oh, a mama can dream!

And if I don’t manage to convince everyone that this house would
be the best gift in the world? Well, then maybe I’ll direct their
attention to the cutest wooden kitchen of all time. –Stephanie

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