Even if I had known about One Year to an Organized Life with Baby when I was first pregnant, I probably would have been too disorganized to read it. We had recently moved to a new house and to say we were unprepared is an understatement. We were fools. No, we were crazy fools.

This book would have rocked my world.

One Year to an Organized Life with Baby, by best-selling author Regina Leeds with Meagan Francis (one our favorite bloggers) is a week-to-week guide that helps parents prioritize what they need to know and what they can do to create a less stressful, more enjoyable experience of being pregnant, bringing home an infant and raising a baby.

Leeds starts her book right when morning sickness usually strikes, at 8-10 weeks, and helps put everything in perspective while giving easy organizational steps and a fun project to distract from the queasiness.

From that point on, the book gives you tips and a lot of helpful advice on what to focus on, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. From buying all the baby essentials, decorating the nursery, de-cluttering your home, setting up a daily routine and even meeting new mom friends, Leeds demystifies the insanity.

Even if you’re already super organized (and then, bless you), this book will help you iron out the kinks. For the rest of us, it could very well save our sanity. – Elizabeth

Purchase One Year to an Organized Life with Baby by Regina Leeds and Meagan Francis from our affiliate Amazon. You can check out more from Meagan Francis on her wonderful blog, The Happiest Mom.

Congratulations to Carrie O. for winning a copy of this fabulous book!