I say we all need more poetry in our lives, but poetry so often seems to be one of those tricky things, like an exotic fruit. You enjoy it when you come across it, but it’s not part of your regular consumption, especially when you are a harried mom. Which is a shame, because that’s possibly when we need it most.

I’ve just discovered a lovingly put-together, eclectic collection of poems that any literary parent will want to take a look at.

Morning Song focuses on celebrating new life. In fact, Poems For New Parents is the subtitle, but really, the poems, songs and snippets are a suitable gift for anyone with children in his or her life.

The collection includes poetry from the Bible to Sappho to Yeats and Frost, and contemporary works from Alice Walker and Mary Jo Salter. There are pieces that will ring true for grandparents, dads and caregivers of all sorts, but there are also poignant pieces just exactly for the weary moms among us:

She wanted a little room for thinking:
But she saw diapers steaming on the line,
a doll slumped behind the door.

So she lugged a chair behind the garage
To sit out the children’s naps.
– A section from “Daystar” by Rita Dove


Poetry is really so accessible, and, let’s face it, when you are too tired or too busy to crack open that novel, a poem can be like a truffle–a dense little package of goodness, easily consumed while on the run, and one that can lift your mood for the rest of the day. -Barbara

Find Morning Song: Poems for New Parents edited by Susan Todd from our affiliate Amazon