caramel baby japan appeal“Thinking of you” is most definitely what our
hearts and minds are saying about our friends in Japan, so why not our shirts? Or our kids’ shirts, for that

The Japan Appeal T-shirt by Caramel Baby + Child of London is just brilliant. What I love most about this design is how it reminds people that even
though the devastation in Japan might not be front-page news anymore, it is
still a massive crisis that needs our attention; and it says all of that
in the sweetest and most gentle way.

I also appreciate that it gives to the cause
right up front– 100% of the proceeds from the design go direct to the Japanese
Red Cross. Raising money and support, bravo.

With this simple graphic, a kids’ t-shirt says just how we
feel and what we hope our kids can understand. We are empowered to help and
yes, our hearts are still with you, Japan. -Stephanie M

You can find the Japan Appeal T-shirt in 4 soft colors with
short/long sleeve options for boys and girls for £13.50 (about $22 USD) at Caramel Baby + Child.