We won’t get the 2 1/2 Men song stuck in your head (okay, so we just did) but we have to admit we have a soft spot for the manly men dads in our lives. Here are a few Father’s Day gift ideas for the men in your life who just wouldn’t be satisfied with a pair of cufflinks or a bottle of cologne.

The best part: They’re all things you can live with too, mamas. No WWF posters here.

Skip the sterling and instead frame a photo of kids in this rough, reclaimed wooden frame (at top). Think of it as the cabin in the woods he’s always wanted. Or at least 9″ of it. ($55 from DEDO)

Father's Day gift idea: beer making kit

We can think of quite a few dads who would love playing around with these beer making kits.  Choose from Everyday IPA, Chocolate Maple Porter, or if you’re daring, a Jalapeño Saison. ($40 at Uncommon Goods)

Father's Day gift idea: cast iron tool bottle openers

To go with that beer, why not throw in a hand-forged Japanese cast iron tool bottle opener. Surely he doesn’t have one yet. ($25 at Poketo)

Father's Day gift idea: bacon money clip from Jack Spade

You can always engrave a money clip with something sentimental, like the kids’ names or birthdates. Or, get it engraved with his second love: Bacon. (Bacon Money Clip $65 at Jack Spade)

Father's Day gift idea: men's shave kit

This old school wooden shave kit includes a wooden soap dish, handmade beer soap, brush, and shave card with instructions on the art of the manly shave. Rowr. ($20 from Dirty Deeds Soaps)

Father's Day gift idea: Steve McQueen DVD collection

Sometimes men just need a little alone time. You know, just him and the TV. Take the kids out for the afternoon and give him a few hours with friends like Dennis Hopper or Steve McQueen.  (Essential Steve McQueen DVD collection on sale for $23.84 at our affiliate amazon)

Father's Day gift idea: John Wayne beef jerky

For the ultimate manly man gift, think the combination of John Wayne and Beef Jerky. Yep, it’s an Organic John Wayne Beef Jerky Sampler Kit. Don’t worry, it’s made from organic beef. Not actually from John Wayne. ($125 from Homegrown Organic at Foodzie)

Father's Day Gift Guide series by Cool Mom Picks

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