Easy Rider on DVDI, like every other cinemaphile out there, was crushed to learn that Dennis Hopper died this weekend. I think I first noticed him–like, really noticed him–when he played the father in Rumbleish but it was a college screening of Blue

Velvet that sold me forever. I loved the actor so much, I even forgave him for those Ameriprise ads.

So I thought before all of his DVDs double in price now, it might be a super cool Father’s Day gift to run out and grab a whole selection of them. Of course the guy had an impressive 202 acting credits on IMDB so it’s a bit hard to cull down if you’re not super familiar with him. I’d say start with classics like Easy Rider (of course), True Grit, Apocalypse
, River’s Edge, Hoosiers, then throw in the awesome early Tarrantino film True Romance (aw, remember when Val Kilmer was hot?) and what I think is my personal vote for Hopper’s best performance, Blue
. You can also throw in his Hollywood debut, Rebel Without a Cause, which you should totally own anyway.

These are definitely the movies you watch well after the kids are asleep. Or do the dad in your life one better – get the kids out the of the house and give him the flat-screen all by himself for a few hours. –Liz

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