SpousonomicsI’ll just say it: I’m not a self-help book kind of person. Spousonomics arrived in the mail and languished on my desk for months; because, really, a book about using economics to master love and marriage? Ooooookay.

But then one day I started reading it, and I couldn’t put it down.

Authors Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson not only use economic
theory in Spousonomics to explain why a 50/50 split in housework won’t work for most
couples, they manage to make the explanation interesting. And
it’s funny–like, laugh-out-loud funny–even as it explains that, hey,
this is all about finding ways to get your sigOth to do more chores and
have more sex. How that’s accomplished varies by scenario (and they have
the case studies to back it all up), but many of the solutions are
surprisingly simple, even for those of us awash in the daily stress of
toddlers or teens.

I found myself, again and again, reading bits aloud
to my husband, until finally he said, “Should I read that when you’re
done?” I told him he should, but let’s just say that we’ve already found
it… mutually beneficial. I’m pretty sure the authors would approve. -Mir

Check out the Spousonomics site, or purchase the book through our affiliate, Amazon.