4 kids or moreI remember the time I told a friend that I was pregnant with my third child in less than four years. She shook her head and said sagely, You’re about to be outnumbered. Good luck with that.

While there are definitely times my husband and I could use another pair of hands to wrangle our trio, I know plenty of people who manage much bigger families than ours, often with a huge sense of humor to get them through the more chaotic moments.

For all you maxi-families who are juggling four, five, six (or more!) kids, there is now a blog out there just for you, and it’s written by one of our favorite people.

Co-published by our own publisher Kristen Chase and the Happiest Mom’s Meagan Francis, the brand new website, 4 Kids or More is written for today’s bigger families. You’ll find content covering everything from blended families, to how to fit a whole bunch of kids (and their stuff) into one bedroom.

Though the site is only a couple of weeks old, there is already a lot of great writing on here, and the response from readers has been fantastic. It’s clear that there are a lot of parents out there who were waiting to find other parents who could relate.

Besides, it’s nice to find a comfortable place to visit where not one person is going to turn to you, gasp, and say, Are they all yours?Christina

Check out 4 Kids or More for great advice, information and humor for today’s larger families.