Yes, there may be a tiny person attached to you at all times. But this month, if you’re creative or crafty, that could mean some amazing DIY babywearing Halloween costume opportunities, just for mamas (or dads!) with slings.

So grab a sling, grab a baby. Whether you’re using a pouch, a mei tai, or a soft structured carrier, here are some great ideas for a parent-baby costume that will keep everyone happy–and get some laughs.


DIY babywearing costumes: Star Wars Yoda

1. DIY Star Wars Costumes
Follow in the big, booted footsteps of the fearless Darth Vader nursing a little Princess Leah from the D.A.D blog at top. (Warning: some NSFW language at that link.)

You can dress a little girl as Leia with a cute Leia buns hat. Have either parent wear a Chewbacca suit– or just this clever brown shirt— and put baby in a C3P-O hat. Or have Dad put on a tan shirt and khaki pants and carry your little in a soft structured carrier, preferably brown. Try this adorable handmade baby Yoda hat (above from Little Bird Lucy on Ets)y. The FreeHand baby carrier in brown would be the perfect carrier for this– and front carriers, too.


DIY babywearing costumes: You be the tree, let baby be anything that climbs a tree

2. You be the tree, baby can be anything that climbs a tree
Wear all brown with a green beret, and poof! You’re a tree! Baby can be any sort of koalalittle bird, owl, squirrel, or even an acorn. Or you can get a full-body baby monkey costume at pretty much any store costume section. Bonus: super warm.


3. Million Dollar Baby and Bank Robber
Get this moneybag bunting for baby and a black mask for yourself. Or let a bald daddy put on a suit and be Daddy Warbucks with the money bag. You can also wear a prison jumpsuit with this one– great for hiding baby weight.



Knit baby witch hat

4. A witch and her black cat
Whether you’re the cat or the witch, this is one classic pairing that’s pretty easy to accomplish. If you’re the cat, wear all black and cat ears and dress your baby in a little witch hat— just skip the itchy costume, since most of your baby will be hidden in a sling. You can also reverse it; I used this costume myself when pregnant with #2. My daughter sported a sparkly witch costume from the rack, and I wore a black shirt and black cat ears from the dollar bins.


DIY baby wearing costumes: Hagrid and baby Harry Potter

5.Harry Potter and Hagrid costume
Remember when Hagrid carried a tiny baby Harry on his first trip to Number 4 Privet Drive? That can be you. You just need a big, flappy coat, wild hair and a fake beard, black boots, and a baby with an eyeliner-ed lightning bolt scar. There’s a great baby Harry Potter costume in this fantastic craft book we covered. Keeping a giant pet spider is totally up to you.


DIY babywearing costume: Kangaroo and her joey

6. Mommy Kangaroo and Her Joey Costume
All you need are brown clothes and matching hats to pull this one off– and maybe a tail, if you’re picky. This kangaroo hat is from Canada but… perfect. If you’re into crochet (or know someone who is), you can also buy the Kangaroo hat DIY pattern to make them yourself. Psst…this one also works for panda bears, since they carry their babies in pouches, too.


Chef with Baby Lobster Halloween costume

7. Chef with a Lobster costume
Mommy or Daddy can wear all white or a chef’s costume/uniform. Baby wears a store-bought baby lobster costume or bunting. This one would work best with a sling, or maybe a front carrier covered in gray or silver material to simulate a lobster pot. No, you dn’t really need a pot. (Photo via)


Wild Thing Hat from Cottonhead on Etsy

8. Max and a Wild Thing costume
Let the Wild Rumpus Start! Get a Max costume–or just the Where the Wild Things Are hat–for the baby. And you can dress yourself as any sort of monster from Where the Wild Things Are. Here’s a Wild Thing Bull hat, and here’s an orange-nosed monster hat, both by the same Etsy artisan and both available in adult sizes. Or you can dress as yourself, and go as Max’s frazzled mom. Just remember that your baby is sure to cause some mischief of one kind or another.


9. Dr. Evil and Mini Me
With a new Austin Powers movie supposedly coming out, this one’s finally relevant again! You’re going to need a bald cap– or a bald parent. Or this Dr. Evil costume. And a gray onesie. And a front-carrying Snugli. And lots and lots of chocolate.


Crochet Baby Mario Hat | Cool Mom Picks

10. Mario Bros. Costumes
Whether the two of you are Mario and adult Luigi, or Yoshi or Toad or Princess Peach, this one is sure to get you a one-up no matter how you combine characters. All you have to wear is a pair of overalls. The whole family can join in, since there are loads of characters from turtles to mushrooms to King Koopa.

Need even more ideas? Behold an entire page of baby sling costume ideas at Mammas Milk.  And happy trick or treating!

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