On Valentine’s Day, not every kid wants to hand out cards with Barbies and Care Bears. For the rest of them, we love these too-cute pirate themed Valentines cards that you can make yourself (for almost free!)

Mer Mag’s free printable Pirate Valentines are a little more involved than the list of super easy Valentines printables I just rounded up, but not so involved as to eat up your entire weekend. In fact, after you print either the boy or girl pirate cards from the free PDF, the only thing left to do is affix a wee felt heart as the eye patch. (Glue stick will work as well as a sewing machine.) Or, save yourself the step of cutting out dozens of hearts and grab some cute stickers instead.

They’re perfect for spreading a little affection on the high seas. Or, you know, in the classroom. Christina

Download a free copy of Mer Mag’s printable Pirate Valentines–for boys and girls–and follow her easy instructions for finishing up the cards with a felt heart.

(via li’l magoolie)