ruggles handmade pillow pets
Confession: I’ve never totally understood the stuffed-animals-that-turn-into-blankets thing. Pulling a blankie out of a stuffed animal’s middle always seemed kind of… weird. 

Of course, it’s not up to me–kids seem to love them. And luckier still, I just found a handmade version that’s way cuter (and more sense-making… to me, at least) than some of those seen-on-TV versions.

Kenzie of Bewhiskered makes adorable stuffed animals that she calls Ruggles because they–you guessed it–also convert to teensy little rugs. Teensy little man-cave style tiger skin rugs.

Of course there are plenty of other choices, from cute lambs to fuzzy unicorns, quirky aardvarks, shiny brocade dragons, and even custom creations if your kid has a thing for Narwhals. (Or is that just Delilah?) There are some fun little monsters too, that older kids might like for naptime at pre-k.

Each stuffed friend cum lovey is entirely custom-made, so it takes about six weeks for you to get
the order after it’s placed. She even inscribes your kid’s name on the
animal’s belly. On the outside chance another kid mistakes your kid’s hot pink mini monster Ruggle for hers. -Lexi

Find these amazing convertible stuffed friends online at Bewhiskered or at the Bewhiskered Etsy Shop starting at just $25 for a mini security blanket.

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