Avast me hearties, it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day! And if you have a little landlubber who likes to plunder your desk drawers and yell arrrrrrr at all hours of the day and night, we have got the cutest little tee to add to your booty.

Dress like a pirate with a Pepe the Pirate kids' tee!

The Pepe the Pirate tee from b. childrenswear features a kid-friendly design for kiddos with an affection for life on the high seas. I’d call the design “pirate lite” since Pepe looks like he’d be perfectly amenable to swabbing the deck a second or third time, instead of doing something truly lawless.
If a pirate’s life isn’t for you or your little one, check out one of Lindsey Barnes’s other adorable designs, including a sneaky ninja, an in-flight paper airplane, or an amiable narwhal. 
Kids' ninja t-shirt | b. children's wear
Kids' paper airplane tee | b. children's wear
Kids' narwhal t-shirt | b. children's wear
I love the hand-stitched fabrics used in her designs, although keep in mind that the buttons on the pirate and ninja shirts could be an issue for grabby infants who might try to wiggle them into their mouths. Better save those two shirts for older kids who know how to handle dangerous characters like that. Arrrrr! –Christina

Check out the children’s pirate shirt, along with her entire line of handmade kids’ tees, sweatshirts and cardigans, at Etsy’s b children’swear.

Also, don’t miss our Collection of pirate-themed picks on the Cool Mom Picks’ Shop page.

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