My Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Daughter keepsake journal

Looking for a shower gift for a baby girl? Something that is original, meaningful, and will never, ever go out of style?

I’ve got just the thing. And I’m calling dibs on gifting it at every baby-girl shower I ever attend.

Jaime Morrison Curtis has created a stunning keepsake journal to be passed down from mother to daughter. My Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Daughter is inspiring, thoughtful, and simply creative. 

Jaime is the founding editor of Prudent Baby, a site that encourages even the least craftiest among us (read: me!) to go out and make some awesome happen.  Not surprisingly, her journal is downright inspired. My Prudent Advice offers thoughtful prompts that serve as springboards for personal, meaningful mother-daughter conversations. Nothing is too sacred, whether it be work attire or politics. After all, we mothers have opinions about everything, right?

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informative, funny lessons to keep in mind when raising a girl. (Yes,
your daughter should know how to change a car battery).

I know, I’m gushing. But you will too, once you get your hands on a copy of this lovely book. As a mother of three boys, I’m now impatiently waiting for one of my friends to have a baby girl. My prudent advice: hurry up, people! –Eva

My Prudent Advice is available at your favorite independent bookstore, or at our affiliate, Amazon.