If you’ve discovered the joys of babywearing, then you know that slings can be as addictive as shoes and cute dresses. But now we’ve found a super-light buckle baby carrier that shares the same magic as that perfect little black dress you can pull out of the closet and dress up or down for any occasion.

Bonus: it folds to the size of a Ziploc baggie!

The BobaAir is the carrier you want to keep in the bottom of your diaper bag or stashed in the trunk. It’s a buckle carrier, which means it’s very adjustable to fit all sorts of caregivers and all sorts of babies from 15-45 pounds. It’s made of black nylon, which means it’s super light (.7 pounds!), easy to clean, and stays cool in hot weather. But the most impressive feature of all is that it self-stores, easily folding into a zipped pouch the size of your makeup bag. Most buckle carriers are bulky and annoying to transport, so that’s kind of a big deal.

I tried the BobaAir with my 40-pound almost-four-year-old, and it was surprisingly comfortable for us both, for a carrier that doesn’t focus on strategic padding for comfort. The fit was good for back and front carries, the straps are easy to adjust, and it comes with a built-in sleeping hood. This isn’t a carrier that’s going to make other moms squeal–if you want that, try the Petunia Pickle Bottom Ergo. It’s also not the best carrier for moms with back trouble or who need a well-padded waist and soft shoulder straps. But it is a carrier that could really make your day much easier when you decide to go for a random hike, stop by a festival, or visit a bookstore–one of those times when you find yourself wishing desperately for a simple way to keep baby off the ground. The $65 price tag is also pretty sweet for a buckle carrier. And how great would it be at the airport for getting through screening lines and then folding up for storage?

If you like going places where strollers fear to tread, the BobaAir baby carrier should be waiting, in the bottom of your bag, ready for adventure. –Delilah

Find the BobaAir buckle baby carrier at the Boba website. They have pretty padded carriers and wraps, too.