Here’s a sweet phone for your little one that doesn’t require a contract, an upgrade, or even a fancy power cord. And it even rings! You know, like phones used to do? The ring ring! phone available from our pals at ROMP is the apex of heirloom toys for kids 3 and up. Handmade in Germany of cherry wood and finished only with vegetable-safe oil, it’s good for the environment and for little hands. The dial spins, the bell rings, and you never know who’s going to be on the other end of the line when you pick up. (Knowing most kids, probably Elmo.) This is one case where imagination is more important than caller ID.

The ring ring! phone is perfectly sized for kids and, yeah, it’s more pricey than the mass-produced plastic ones. But just think–one day, it’ll be sitting in your great-great-grandkid’s spaceship den orbiting Mars. You can’t get that kind of longevity from even an iPhone.
Find the ring ring! play phone and more great toys and gifts for kids at ROMP.

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