One of my favorite categories on our Holiday Gift Guide this year is first Christmas gifts for babies that are all handmade. Recently we shared an entire selection of great first holiday gifts for baby (lots of handmade goodness there too!) but I also happen to adore this blanket that’s featured on our guide this year.

Especially once I realized who made it.

Turns out the stunning craftsmanship and design comes from none other than Seven Smooches, makers of gorgeous handmade accessories and clothing all from upcycled fabrics. I discovered them about three years ago when they launched and I love to see how far they’ve come since then.

The blanket itself is exclusive to Giggle, and every one will be a little different. What won’t be different however is the meticulous embroidery and stitching–and the fact that your kiddo is going to love this one long after the holidays are over. –Liz

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