I’ve done a lot of babywearing in my day. A lot. And though my “baby” is a hand-holding toddler now, my daughter still remembers her little brother’s carrier days and wears her own doll babies with pride. While it’s no secret we at CMP love babywearing, it’s not often I’ve come across a really great babywearing doll.

Babywearing Mommy and Baby Doll

I just love the adorable Babywearing Mommy Doll
(with equally adorable baby, of course!) from the Freja Toys Etsy shop.
She’s so sweet and happy toting her baby around in what must be the
world’s tiniest ring sling.

And with several hair color options available, there’s a mama
and baby combo to suit lots of families. There are even some babywearing
daddies, too. I love that. However, I do have to point out that we’re missing variety in the dolls’ skin colors–I’m wondering if the artist might take special requests in that arena.

Babywearing daddy doll!

Needless to say, after all those
years toting my small people around in carriers, it would warm this
mama’s heart to see her own grown-up sling baby playing with a
babywearing mama and baby of her own. Especially one so very cute. –Stephanie S.

Get free shipping to anywhere in the world when you order your own
Babywearing Mommy Doll and Babywearing Daddy Doll from FrejaToys.

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