When I recently heard about the Baby Brezza Formula Pro, a new Keurig-like machine that dispenses baby formula, I chuckled to myself and thought, How hard is it to shake a bottle? But after re-experiencing the sleep deprivation that comes along with having a newborn myself (gah) I’ve decided this nifty device might be a winner for parents whose babies formula feed.

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If you can work a Keurig, you can work the Brezza. The Baby Brezza gives you one-touch access to pre-mixed formula that’s the exact amount you need and the right temperature you need it to be. When baby is ready for a feeding, you can have a bottle ready within seconds — super helpful when time is of the essence with a wailing baby.

Simply push a button to indicate how much formula you need — 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 ounces — and then the pre-warmed water starts dispensing along with the perfectly measured amount of powder into the bottle.

The water is heated to near body temperature, and the mixer dispenses the formula gently to prevent as many air bubbles as possible. Any size bottle fits the Baby Brezza, which is a big plus.

Similar to the Keurig, there’s a water basin on the left-hand side that you fill with distilled water, and a compartment at the top of the machine for infant formula (any brand works). It’s compact in size and has a sleek look that will fit in nicely on your countertop. I’m still nursing but would consider even keeping this in the baby’s room when we eventually switch to formula. Imagine how much quicker it would make those middle-of-the-night feedings! Yes, please.

If it’s just a warmer that you need, you can also consider the Beaba Bib’expresso which offers another quick way to get warmed water into that bottle faster – it heats up breast milk, too. But keep in mind that it only warms liquid and doesn’t pre-mix like the Baby Brezza, still leaving those extra steps of measuring and shaking, if you formula feed.

Although it might seem a little indulgent to have a machine that mixes infant formula for you, in those sleep-deprived months? Come on. Having one-touch access to mixed formula eliminates steps like getting the formula out of the canister and warming the water. And for anxious new parents, it takes away the element of guesswork: Was it warm enough? Did I shake the bottle hard enough?

The Baby Brezza would be a great gift for a new mom because, hey, we know that anything that makes life with baby easier is worth its weight in gold.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro is available for $179 from our affiliates Amazon or Target, or learn more from the Baby Brezza website.