After feasting  for Thanksgivukkah, snacking on treats  for Santa, and indulging cocktails to ring in the new year, I think it might be time we start on those New Year’s resolution with some detoxifying smoothie recipes.

It’s cliche, I know, but eating healthy after weeks of indulging feels good. If you’re with me, you’re going to love all five of these smoothie recipes. If you’re skeptical, give just one a try; the best thing about these nutritious drinks is that they really are delicious, too.

Five Ingredient Detox Smoothie recipe | Cool Mom Picks

This Five-Ingredient Detox Smoothie from Minimalist Baker is packed with fiber, antioxidants, and immune boosting nutrients. It’s vegan, too, which makes this something that anyone on nearly any diet can eat. Health for all!


Green Detox Smoothie recipe | Cool Mom Picks

This emerald colored Detox Smoothie from Gimme Some Oven looks like the picture of health, which might make you wonder about the taste. Fear not: a blend of pineapple, banana, ginger, and lime, is sure to taste delicious, even if you’re not sure that it looks that way.


Green Monster Smoothie recipe | Cool Mom Picks

I love the sound—and name—of this Green Monster Smoothie from Oh She Glows. (Which has nothing to do with Fenway Park, by the way.) It gets a flavor boost from maple syrup and coconut oil, and is also banana-free. That may not sound like a big deal, but it is if you don’t like bananas, because it can be surprisingly hard to come by smoothies without them.


Beet and Blueberry Smoothie recipe | Cool Mom Picks

Beets are on the top of every nutritionist’s list of detoxifying ingredients. Not only do they pack a nutritious punch and help the body develop toxin-battling red blood cells, they are also deliciously sweet. This detoxifying Beet and Blueberry Smoothie from Whole Living is a prime example of how well these root vegetables work in smoothies.


Cheery Cherry Detox Smoothie recipe | Cool Mom Picks

This Cheery Cherry Detox Smoothie from Lexie’s Kitchen is overflowing with antioxidant-rich cherries. Paired with a splash of vanilla, they give this smoothie a tart and sweet flavor that’ll make that handful of nutrient dense kale blend right in.