With a heightened awareness of kids’ increasing sensitivity to artificial food colors, more parents are turning to natural alternatives for those Valentine’s cupcakes and bake sale treats. And no, that doesn’t mean you have to puree and strain down your own beets either.

A while back, we discovered the wonderful natural food colors, sprinkles and other decoratifs from India Tree, and wow, how they’ve grown since then. They even have a nice recipe section right on their own site, with proportions especially measured for their own products.

Check out their creamed frosting recipe right in time for pink Valentine’s cupcakes, and feel good knowing their natural decorating colors are all made from vegetables, not corn syrup or synthetic dyes. Whether your kid has an allergy or not, it’s probably one more source of artificial ick that we can do without anyway.

Visit the India Tree website for natural food coloring and baking supplies, and check out their recipe page for all sorts of treats made a little healthier. You can also find their products in specialty stores and small groceries.