If you’re in our neck of the woods, you are looking for lots of indoor activities to keep the kids occupied. While we recently rounded up 12 snow day activities for kids, here’s one more: Printable sewing cards for kids. And these are more than adorable–they happen to be free.

Spotted at one of our very favorite craft sites, Handmade Charlotte, you pretty much just need good card stock, scissors, a needle and pin, and embroidery floss. All the instructions are on the site, but your kids will end up with pretty much the cutest sewing cards to play with, ever.

My kids adored this craft when they were younger, and they probably would love it again now using real needles and thread.Also? Hedgehogs. Enough said.

Find the free printable sewing cards online at Handmade Charlotte from Mollie Johansen of Wild Olive